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Free Version Of Fruit Ninja Hits Android Market

Fruit Ninja Free For Android

It’s about time! Sharpen your katanas and brush up on your ninjutsu, Android users, because one of the best games on the Android Market now has a free (ad-supported) version. Fruit Ninja Free for Android comes with all the features, game modes and fruit-slicing fun that is a part of the full version (unlike the Lite  iOS variant, which only includes one of three game modes and demos for the other two). The only catch is the ads that appear within the menus and at the end of each game. Although the full version of Fruit Ninja doesn’t set you back much (slightly over a dollar), there are a lot of regions wherein the Market does not support purchases. Also, this gives non-gamers an incentive to try their hand at the game. If you haven’t tried Fruit Ninja yet, be warned – it’s extremely addictive. Ads or not, once you get a hold of the game or worse, get indulged in a high score competition with a friend, it becomes really hard to let go.


The objective of the game is simple – slice the fruit that fly up into the screen and avoid the bombs. The more fruit you hit in a single hit (combo), the more points you get. The game features three modes, namely Classic, Arcade and Zen.

Classic mode carries on until the player hits a bomb or misses three fruit. In Zen mode, the objective is to score as many points in a minute as possible. The more and the larger your fruit combos are, the better.

The Arcade mode is my personal favorite. It’s faster and includes everything but the kitchen sink – a one-minute time limit, bombs that reduce your score by 10 points, special feats that earn you extra points at the end, when hit and three special bananas slicing each of which gives you the opportunity to score more points or line up more combos for a limited amount of time. The only downside is the element of luck that comes into play in said mode. These banana powerups appear randomly. You could score over 800 points in one round and remain stranded below 300 on the very next one.


As you keep playing, the game unlocks additional blades and background images, all of which are accessible from within Dojo > Sensei’s Swag. You can log in to OpenFeint to compete with your friends or see where you stand on the leaderboards. From within Dojo > Rewards, you can create a new Beintoo ID or log in to Beintoo using an existing ID or your Facebook account to win real prizes (that’s right) for, well, slicing virtual fruit.

The release of the free version also brings support for up to 14 languages and improvements in performance on various devices. Grab the game from the Android Market for free via the provided link or QR code.

Download Fruit Ninja Free for Android

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  1. theres also an alternative to fruit ninja that i’ve been playing before this came out, its called fruit slice and its as much fun

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