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Friendcaster For Facebook Updated With ICS UI, New Themes & More [Android]

When it comes to selecting a better (and faster) alternative to the official Facebook client for Android, Friendcaster by OneLouder Apps is the number one choice of a vast majority of users. This extremely fast, highly customizable Facebook client not only became an instant hit among users at the time of release, but also proved to be a great stepping stone for OneLouder Apps, as they followed up their good work with a series of other commendable apps, including SportCaster, 1Weather, baconreader and ChannelCaster. Friendcaster for Android has just been updated (to v5.0) with plenty of new features and a brand-new ICS-themed (Holo) interface. Other changes include new themes, extended settings for modifying push notifications, enhanced photo-viewing and tagging a post with multiple friends at once. The update also brings a faster, smoother experience, memory improvements and plenty of bug fixes.


Upon launch, the app prompts you to set your preferred push notification settings, as well as a theme of your liking. Once past that, you’re welcomed by a brand new dashboard that houses shortcuts to the various sections of Facebook. As mentioned earlier, the Ice Cream Sandwich-style looks are reflected throughout the app’s interface. ICS UI elements like swiping to switch between screens makes the entire experience much more efficient than that provided by the official Facebook client.


The new homescreen isn’t just about looks. It follows a more practical, convenient approach, providing you with the option to quickly post a new status update or photo, or to head over to the check-in screen and other sections of Facebook.


The aforementioned option to tag more friends to your Facebook posts can be found on the post composition screen in the form of a button that appears just below your status message. Tapping this button reveals your Facebook contacts list so that you can select as many friends as you want to tag to your post.


All that aside, the best part about the entire update is perhaps the swift Facebook browsing experience that it brings; pages and photos open much faster, and uploads are completed at a blazing speed. The updated has given me a valid reason to finally switch to Friendcaster on a permanent basis for my daily Facebook activities.

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