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Full HDMI Mirroring For Unrooted HTC EVO 4G With FullHDMI

The paid version of FullHDMI For EVO 4G has been around on the Android Market for a while now, providing full HDMI mirroring for the rooted HTC EVO 4G without the need of custom kernels (except for mirroring at 720p and audio output switching). A recent update of the app eliminated the need for root access, making it much easier to set up compared to its free alternative, HDMwIn that requires root access as of this writing.

And now, a free version of the app is available on the Market. That’s right, HTC EVO 4G users without root access on their devices can now enjoy full HDMI mirroring for free. There is a catch though, and not a small one – the free version does not allow mirroring in landscape view.

ResolutionsAudio output

The app supports both AOSP and Sense based kernels. HTC Gallery, however, still remains unsupported. As mention earlier, mirroring at 720p (1280×720 display resolution) and Audio control (switching between audio output through the phone and the micro HDMI port) still requires a custom kernel, for which you’ll need root access.

Therefore, FullHDMI version is more suited for EVO 4G owners without root access who aren’t looking for advanced functionality. If you already have or plan to get root access on your EVO 4G, you might as well try out HDMwIn. It’s free and, unlike the free version of FullHDMI, allows mirroring in landscape orientation.

Download FullHDMI For EVO 4G Free

Update: Unfortunately, FullHDMI For EVO 4G Free is no longer available in the Google Play Store, which means that users with unrooted HTC EVO 4G are now out of luck. However, if your device is rooted, then you might be interested in taking a look at our detailed coverage of HDMwIn (free) for rooted HTC EVO 4G.


  1. I bought the full version and loved it! I had to reset my phone and lost it.It was supposed to save in my downloaded apps but didn’t. I then Went to purchase it again and saw it was no longer available in the android market. Why is that? I do not want to root my phone. is there anytime soon that it will be available again?

  2. i downloaded full hdmi for my android htc evo 4g ( not rooted ) and it does not work, it keeps on searching and it says RE-MAPPING FRAMEBUFFER….what can i do to make it work?

  3. I. Upgrade my EVO and loss my app I just pay 5 dls for app what can I do to download again … Full hdmi EVO is not on market no more were can download

  4. I flashed Miui last year and it was very unstable on the evo. I have notice that you have been on Miui the last couple of posts. Has it gotten more stable? The lastest CM7 release has been great. Just wanted to know if it would be worth trying miui again.

    • The final build of CM7 is still more stable than the MIUI version I’m using (1.4.15) even though most major bugs and FCs in the latter have been fixed. You’ll find a few UI glitches and the odd FC/bug in some native apps (Theme Manager, for instance) but considering the UI and feature-richness that comes with MIUI, that’s a small price to pay. I would definitely recommend trying it out. The ROM has improved a lot since it shifted to GB. You can find the newest version here http://www.miuiandroid.com/roms/ .

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