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FunShot: A Photo Booth-Like App For Samsung Windows Phone 7

You might not appreciate it a lot, but Samsung does have some pretty decent apps for Windows Phone 7 in the Samsung Zone of the Marketplace. Just recently, we covered Wireless Manager, another app made exclusively for Samsung WP7, and while browsing for that app in the Samsung Zone, we ran across FunShot. The app has been around for a couple of months now, but has escaped most people’s notice as it was reportedly available for download via search only. But now that we have finally tried the app, we think it is simply awesome. What does it do? In a nutshell, FunShot is to Samsung WP7 what Photo Booth is to iPad.

FunShot MultiFrameWhen you launch FunShot, it offers you two basic options; you can choose the effect you want to apply to the camera, and then there is the option to select the number and layout of frames you want your final image to have. If you choose single frame, the camera will just take one photo with an effect of your choice. With multiple frames, the app allows you to capture the selected number of photos and apply a different effect to each. The app then combines all captured shots into one final image, arranging them according to a layout of your choice. The camera in the app shoots photos after a 3 second delay for better adjustment and results.

FunShot Spotlight FunShot Kaleidoscope FunShot Thermal

There are a total of 12 different effects available in the app, ranging from kaleidoscope to pinch and the likes. When you choose an effect, the camera will automatically show you a realtime preview of the result. This means that you will be able to see what the effect will look like from within the camera’s viewfinder, before capturing the photo. If you have one of the newer WP7 devices, you can shoot your own photo with FunShot as the app supports front-facing cameras. The app saves all images shot with it to the Saved Images section of the Pictures hub. You can share captured images from there, or you can use the sharing options offered by FunShot which let you post your photos to Facebook, Picasa and PhotoBucket. As this is an official Samsung app, you can expect future updates to add even more effects to the mix. However, even as it is, the app is a must-have for users who like to put their devices’ cameras to good use.

The app is absolutely free, of course. You can grab FunShot if you have a Samsung Windows Phone by searching for it in the Marketplace, or simply browsing through Samsung Zone.

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