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Future SMS Lets You Schedule SMS On Your iPhone [Cydia App]

The feature to schedule SMS for sending at a later time is usually offered by carriers for some amount of money – very useful for dumbphones. Though, if you own a jailbroken iPhone, then there’s an app for that! And it’s free too. Future SMS lets you cheat on your friend’s birthday by not having to stay up and wait for midnight to wish them. Simply use this Cydia app to schedule your SMS to be sent at a later time of your choice.

Future SMSTime & Date Set

SMS schedulers might not be a brand new concept, but this app has the advantage of not going into too much complexities and getting the task done without any unnecessary lace and frills. Before being able to install this app, you will have to add ModMyi repo to the sources section of your Cydia store. Once you have done that, you can search for Future SMS.

After installation, the app’s icon will appear on your iOS device’s SpringBoard. Launch the app and tap the ‘+’ button to compose the SMS you want to schedule. Also add the name or number of the person you want to send the text to (multiple contacts not supported). Now all you have to do is complete the scheduling part. Tap the time displayed below to edit it. Go back to the previous screen and save the draft to sending list.

The app will automatically send the SMS to the assigned contact when the set time arrives. Future SMS is a free app and does what it claims to do, so definitely worth a try if you are really into texting and are prone to forgetting important occasions.


  1. great! thanks a lot. been looking for something like this since i had an old nokia that had it as a standard feature! it works on mine with latest iOs. cheers!!

    • I just tried Auto SMS. It’s $0.99 but it works even on a non jailbroken phone. 

  2. if you don’t own a jailbroken iphone you can use txtot to do the same
    i use txtot to sehedule sms , and its also free – txtot.com

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