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Gallery+ for Pinterest Displays The Photo-Sharing Social Network As A 3D Slideshow [Android, iOS]

The popular pinboard-themed social photo-sharing service, Pinterest, has a mobile client available for iOS users whereas Android users are currently out of luck. That said, the official iOS client of the service isn’t exactly an app entirely worth dying for. There are plenty of third-party alternatives present across app stores of all renowned mobile platforms that not only let you gain complete control over your Pinterest activities, but add plenty of eye-candy as well. One such unofficial Pinterest client that has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time is Galley+ for Pinterest that presents you with a neatly-built photo gallery, complete with all the photo and video collections shared on Pinterest in the form of various pinboards. Apart from managing your own Pinterest account and indulging in various customary activities associated with the service, you can also dive into the world of photo-packed pinboards to explore all the underlying images via high quality, animated slideshows. To the delight of Android users, the app is no longer exclusive to the iTunes App Store, as an Android variant has just made its way into the Google Play Store.

Gallery -for-Android-Home1 Gallery -for-Android-Search

Not only is the app way ahead in terms of aesthetics as compared to the official Pinterest mobile client, but it also also offers plenty of customizability. Once you log in to the app using your Pinterest account, you can ‘pin’ and/or upload fresh photos to your personal pinboards, mange your Pinterest profile, and like, pin/unpin, or comment on various pins shared by other users.

Gallery -for-Android-Home

The app’s buttery smooth animations, and the option to display all the various pinboards and underlying pins via customizable slideshows make it an even better prospect as compared to the official client of the service. The app opens to a scrollable screen that lists tiles of all the various pinboards featured on the service. By swiping on the screen, you can circle between various pinboards. Tapping the play button at the bottom-left of the screen plays the slideshow of the current screen.

Gallery -for-Android-SlideShow

Tapping the Pinterest icon at the top-left side of the app’s homescreen lets you quickly navigate to various Pinterest categories, such as the videos, popular items, gifts, your personal Pinterest home page or the search history. There is also the option to search for pins/photos containing specific keywords.

Gallery -for-Android-Videos

Tapping a tile reveals the underlying contents along with the buttons to pin/unpin, like, or comment on a specific photo. In addition, you can also see the details of the user who has shared a particular photo. Tapping the photo lets you view it in full-screen. From the app’s main settings screen, you can specify the quality of photos, set the interval and style of the slideshow, and clear the app’s search history.

Gallery -for-Android-Category Gallery -for-Android-Settings

So, until the official Android client is released in the Google Play Store, rest assured that Gallery+ for Pinterest won’t let you feel being left out in the cold at all, thanks to its sheer visual awesomeness and the option to access all the necessary Pinterest features from right within the app.

Like its iOS counterpart, Gallery+ for Pinterest is available as a free and a $2.7 variant. The paid version is ad-free, and more importantly, lets you add/upload photos on your own Pinterest boards. Apart from that, both variants share most of the aforementioned features in common. Download links to the paid and free Android and iOS variant of the app are provided below.

Download Gallery+ for Pinterest for iPad (Free)

Download Gallery+ for Pinterest for iPad (Paid)

Download Gallery+ for Pinterest for Android (Paid)

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