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Game Critic For iPhone Is A Comprehensive Gaming News Client

If it’s about games, it’s there at Game Critic. That’s what this iPhone / iPod Touch app is all about. The gaming world is an ever-expanding arena capturing public interest in exponentially growing numbers. Long gone are the times when gaming was considered something for the kids. This industry has absorbed people of all ages. If you are a real gamer and like to keep up to date with the latest developments in the gaming world, then you might have to refer to multiple sources. And still very few sources tell you about the new games that are hot in the market. For all the gaming freaks, Game Critic is now here, bringing you everything related to games that you can think of. Are you game? Read on.

Game CriticTop Games

We covered a similar app for Windows Phone 7 named ESRB. However, Game Critic is for iOS users and has lots of diverse features.

Platform Categories

Games are categorized based on the gaming platform they belong to. Apart from that, there is a separate category of Top Games which includes the best rated games regardless of their platform.


Browsing a whole category too cumbersome for you but don’t exactly know what you’re looking for? Not to worry, just hit the Refine button and see the games sorted and displayed the way you choose. This is done using options including timeline sorting, genre and rating-based sorting of titles.

Search & Favorites

Want to know all about a particular game? Hit search and you will see the game you were looking for. If you really like it, you can press the star button at the bottom and add it to your favorites.

Game ReviewGame Critic Ratings

Ratings & Reviews

Each game gets two sort of ratings, critics rating (available for every title) and user rating (if someone has rated that particular game). You are also shown a number of reviews for most games written both by professional critics and mere gamers.

Sharing & Purchase

You can share any game review you like using Facebook & Twitter, the app comes with built-in integration of these social giants. Purchasing an app is also possible via Game Critic, and even if you don’t want to buy it there, it’s always nice to know how much a title is worth.

Game Critic OptionsCheats

Cheats & Videos

We saved the best for the last, Game Critic lets you know how to get out of a tricky situation in any game or the top secret cheat that no one else knows about.
Hit View Videos and all the YouTube videos related to the game will be displayed for your viewing.

How much you have to pay for all this? Nothing! The app is free, so just head over to the app store and get this gaming encyclopedia on your iDevice.

Download Game Critic

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