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Game On: Share & Download Game Progress Data To Get Past Tough Levels

Apart from serving as a means to provide you with some quality pastime, certain Android games can also test your mental skills and patience. Gamers often are confronted with a wicked situation within a game where they just can’t get past a certain level despite trying their best. It could be an unbeatable monster, or worse, those close-to-impossible yet equally tempting last few stages of a game that you keep thinking will be crossed in “just one more go”. Enter Game On; an Android app that lets gamers share game data with others to help them get past a particular level in a game.

The app is currently in beta, and requires both root access and BusyBox to run. Priced at just $1 in the Android Market, Game On supports a little over 60 games right now, each of which is hosted on the Game On network. For each game, you can search for and download multiple files to instantly jump to a particular level, thereby skipping certain tough or boring parts.

If you don’t have root access on your device, you might want to check out our comprehensive collection of root guides.

As of now, the app supports several popular titles including Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Age of Zombies, Burn the Rope, Slice It, Air Attack HD, Raging Thunder 2, X Construct and Snowboard. Tapping the Supported Games button on the app’s homescreen reveals the entire list of games on the network. Tapping a game icon takes you to its Android Market page, from where you can download it to your device.

Game-On-Android-Home Game-On-Android-Supported-Games

To explore data shared by other users, just hit the Browse Game Data button on the app’s homescreen, select the required game from the dropdown menu (or search for it manually), and download whatever game’s progress file is required. In case the game is not installed on your device, the app prompts you to do so. If you already have the game installed, the app replaces your current progress level with the downloaded one. To keep a tab of all the content that you’ve downloaded from within the app, just hit the Downloaded Data button on the app’s homescreen. Remember that any changes, once applied, cannot be reversed.

Game-On-Android-Download Game-On-Android-Upload

The only blemish in the app is that upon each launch, it scans your device for all supported games and their progress level, and usually takes quite long to do so.

To view installed games, tap the View My Games button on the app’s homescreen. To share a game progress on the Game On network, just hit the game’s icon, and Upload the file after providing a progress description for it.

Game-On-Android-Browse-Data Game-On-Android-Downloaded-Data

Since it’s relatively new to the Android Market, Game On might not be able to entertain all your gaming needs as of now, but surely, as the app amasses a wider user base, you’ll be able to find data for more games and with the exact progress level that you require for each.

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