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GeoReminder: Location-Based Reminders For Windows Phone 7

Watching the launch of iPhone’s latest model, the iPhone 4S, many users were awed by the Reminders app in iOS 5 and its ability to trigger alerts when near a certain location. Similar third-party apps have been around in app stores of all currently leading mobile platforms for quite a while, and now, Windows Phone Mango has an app for that too. GeoReminder will let you set location-based reminders, which will set the alarm off whenever you get near a certain location.

Geo Reminders mapGeo RemindersGeo Reminders menu

As an example, consider this situation: you’re looking for a way to remind yourself to buy a new toothbrush whenever you are close to the shopping mall next time. Since you are not sure at which time, or even date, you will be at the mall, an ordinary alarm won’t work. GeoReminder is what you need in such a situation. Just launch the app and add a new reminder titled “Shopping”. In the description, you can write something to remind yourself of the task you need to do. The last step that is the selection of location. Pinpoint the location of the mall and select a vicinity range. As soon as you enter the specified area, an alarm will go off, displaying whatever you had set as a reminder.

The little ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen lets you create a new reminder. Once a reminder has been set, you can also choose the number of times you want it to go off when you’re near the specified location. That is, you can choose to set the reminder to “Always”, so that the alarm is triggered every time you are near the area or you can set it to happen only “Once”. Each reminder can be separately turned off at any time.

The app also offers the tagging feature, which lets you tag any of your contacts in a reminder. This means a clever use of GeoReminder could be setting a reminder to go off whenever you visit a friend’s place. The range of each location-based reminder can be set to as close as inches and as wide as miles away from the location. If you are at the place you want to set a reminder for and can’t pinpoint it accurately enough on the map, simply hit the locate me button.

GeoReminders is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace. A link to its Web Marketplace page is provided below.

Download GeoReminder


    • Locationminder allows you to attach more than one reminder location to a reminder. Ut also has a map view that lets you see all of your reminders on a map

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