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Gestures For Faster Web Browsing On iPhone & iPad Via Sleipnizer

Gesture control seems to be becoming the next big thing with iOS. It gives users so much ease of access and convenience that it is sure to become a routine part of all iPhone and iPad owners’ life. Everyone likes a good shortcut added to their device’s OS and apps. Especially when it comes to web browsing, people can be really impatient. We like to squeeze every millisecond of improvement out of our browsing experience. How about adding gesture controls to Safari? Yes, after LockGestures and IconCommands, Sleipnizer for Safari is here, focusing exclusively on making web browsing on Safari faster for jailbroken users.

Sleipnizer GestureSleipnizer Settings

Sleipnizer allows you to associate 4 gestures to a variety of actions. The current number of actions seems quite adequate, however you might wish that there were more gestures so that you could have used more shortcuts in Safari (there is an option in the tweak to vote for new gestures).

For now the available gestures are Upper Right swipe, Down Right swipe, Upper Left swipe and Down Left swipe. The actions that you can choose these gestures to perform include opening a new tab, closing the current tab, reloading a page and many others.
Another functionality that Sleipnizer offers is OpenTabBG. What this basically does is reduce the number of steps you have to take to open a new link in a separate tab. Simply hold the link and straight away, the link will open in a new tab in the background. You can choose to turn this feature off from the settings menu if you like Safari’s default method better.

Sleipnizer for Safari is available at the Insanelyi repo for free.


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