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Get Answers To All Your Questions With The Official Quora App For iPhone

A few days back we covered Local Hero, an app that helps you get answers to any question from experts near you. But the whole location-based thing might feel like a restriction to some people and for that reason, you might consider trying out the latest Q&A app for iOS named Quora. While the app itself is new, the service isn’t. You can find solutions to just about any problem on Quora by inputting your searches in the form of queries (just like with Yahoo! Answers). The official Quora app is free, and comes with a bunch of really helpful features. The app is intelligent enough to voluntarily suggest search topics based on your past searches and current location, and comes with an elegant notification system that ensures that you can see the answer to your queries as soon as there is an appropriate response.

Quora QuestionsQuestions Near You

Just like Local Hero, Quora makes use of your current location and provides you with a list of questions and topics that might interest you based on your current area. However, that’s not all by any means.

Let’s start from square one. A bit of a downside: you need to sign up for a new account to be able to use Quora (that’s yet another password for you to remember!). But apart from that, there are only positives.

Suggested TopicsProfile

With Quora, you can follow any number of topics and get access to all the questions other users have asked regarding that particular topic. Based on your current location and the topics you are already following, the app suggests new topics that might be of interest to you. Apart from that, you can use the basic feature of the app, posting your own new queries if you don’t find what you are looking for. But as with any other forum, it is advised to search for the answer you are looking for first, to keep Quora uncluttered. The Nearby section of the app lets you view questions and find answers from people near you, letting you respond to people’s queries too. The app even lets you customize your profile, bringing a touch of social networking to the app.

Quora’s web version has been around for quite a while now, and that’s why the app’s database is already populated considerably. Quora is a free app and you can grab it at the link given below for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Download Quora

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