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Get App Launch & Uninstall Alerts On iPhone Home Screen [Cydia]

There might not be an untethered jailbreak available for iOS 5 just yet, but the iOS community has a lot of avid jailbreak users who have opted to go for a tethered jailbreak to get access to the Cydia store and its tweaks. The tweaks offered by Cydia might not always be big ones, but at times, it’s the small tweak s that turn out to be pretty useful, as is the case with two newly released jailbreak tweaks named confirm launch iOS 5 and successful uninstall. One tweak displays a confirmation pop-up whenever you try to launch an app from your Springboard, while the latter displays a notification once an app has been uninstalled successfully. Confirm launch is really useful for people who are sick of accidentally launching apps on their iPhone. Even if you are in the habit of putting your iPhone in lock screen as soon as you are done using it, there are still times when you wish your phone didn’t launch apps so easily. Anyone who has got Garage Band installed on their iDevice knows how difficult things can get if your hand inadvertently brushes against Apple’s amazingly thorough and heavy musical app. That’s what these tweaks are here for.

confirm launch iOS 5 successful uninstall

Most users might struggle to come up with a good enough use for these tweaks, but both have their own minute perks. Confirm launch can be used to avoid accidental launch of apps, as we just discussed, and acts as a buffer of sorts in launching any app. The tweak works with iOS 5 and can be downloaded for free from the ModMyi repo.

Successful uninstall can also be found in the ModMyi repo, and like the tweak discussed above, is a free download. All it does is provide users with a notification each time an app has finished uninstalling. This might not make much sense for most apps, but if you are using some Cydia apps on your iPhone, this tweak can come in handy as most of those apps take a lot of time in getting uninstalled, and some remain on the device even after you remove them from your list of downloaded Cydia packages.

Both the tweaks, being so simple in their functionality, come with no customizable settings or app icons. Just download them from the Cydia store, and both the tweaks will take effect on their own. Personally, I think the confirm launch tweak can prove to be really useful for many people.

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