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Get Definition, Wiki & Other Data About Words With Define For iPhone

As common as dictionary apps might be in iOS, no one can deny their usefulness. Most people like to have at least one such app on their iPhone or iPad, and it all comes down to choice when you have to pick one dictionary app for your device. Define is one app which can be considered a personalized dictionary for iOS users. The app performs all the usual tasks of a dictionary app, but in addition to those, it can also be used to personalize the results and keep track of your past searches. You may also associate photos with words to preserve memories associated with a word. The app comes with a few additional features, like providing relevant Wikipedia entries for searched words and you might even come across a few IMDB entries as well.

Define History Define Word

The interface of the app on its homepage is pretty simple, providing with just a search box, where you can start looking for words by just typing and hitting the search button. It is also possible to use voice commands and speak the word you want the app to search. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for the users of iPhone 4S who have got the mic button on the keyboard of their device. Define keeps all your searches saved in its history, and you can even view the words you searched for in a particular month. The results of a word searched in Define include its definition, related IMDB entry, Wikipedia entries and any photo you might wish to associate with the word.

Define Dictionary Define Wiki Define Word Photo

Define also helps you pronounce words, and you can hear any entry read out loud by tapping the speaker icon on the top of the screen. The dictionary entries for words include multiple definitions, as well as words similar to the searched one. For all these awesome features, the app won’t cost you anything if you download it right now, as it went free for a limited time.

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Update: The updated version of the Define app supports landscape mode now. The special thing about that is the fact that holding your device horizontally will bring up some extra options regarding the app. These options are mostly related to sharing, and Define has now become the best app for sharing definitions quickly. It is possible to use the app from within the stock iOS browser as well, and you just have to type “define:” followed by a query to go directly to the app and see the phrase’s meaning.

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