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Get DVD’s Running On Your Windows Phone 7 [Guide]

DVD’s are a very popular way of watching movies or any sort of videos, and they don’t come cheap. You have to pay a handsome amount to get the DVD of any movie (especially if the movie is a new release) and when you have paid for something out of your own wallet, you want your complete money’s worth. Today’s smartphones come with quite large screens that make it fun to watch movies on them, and give the user a complete and absorbing experience. Won’t it be a shame if you buy a new DVD and want to watch it on your Windows Phone 7 device, but just can’t figure out how to transfer its content to your phone? A lot of people have gone through this and that’s why this guide can prove to be useful for a lot of WP7 users. By default, the .vob format is not among Windows Phone’s supported video formats, and you will have to convert it to a recognized variant in order to enjoy full movies on your Mango phone.

Following are the requirements and instructions to get a DVD’s video content transferred to your WP7 device.



  1. From this link download the software named RipIt4Me.
  2. To get the DVD in a readable format, download this application.
  3. Finally you will need to have a video transcoder. HandBrake is a nice option to have (specially since it is available for free), and can be downloaded here. Make sure that you download the version that matches your computer’s specifications.


  1. Insert the DVD you want to transfer into your DVD drive, but do not run it or do anything else.
  2. Install the DVD Decrypter application that you downloaded in step 2 of requirements. The procedure is simple enough with easy-to-follow onscreen instructions.
  3. Once the installation is complete, choose “Wizard mode”. Be patient and do nothing until the program is ready.
  4. Browse from the application to direct it to the path where you want to store the DVD once it has been ripped.
  5. Run RipIt4ME and start ripping!
  6. Now you will have a PSL file of the ripped DVD. DVD Decrypter will detect this development and perform some tasks automatically.
  7. After DVD Decrypter is done with its task, hit the Disk icon visible on the screen.

Now you have a transferable version of your DVD available, and you can get it to your WP7 device with ease.

[Source: WMPU]

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