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Get An Invisible iOS 5.1 Lockscreen Camera Slider On Any iPhone Or iPod Touch [Cydia]

As trivial as it might sound at first, the new and revamped lockscreen camera button in iOS 5.1 is among the biggest talking points in the latest iOS update. In older versions of iOS, users had to double-tap the Home button to make the camera icon appear on the iPhone’s lockscreen. In the new version of the operating system, however, the camera shortcut is always visible and ready to be used. The method of using the shortcut has changed, and instead of just tapping the button to launch it, you have to use the shortcut as a slider to bring up the camera app. iOS5.1 Camera Lockscreen is a Cydia tweak which brings this new camera button to all iOS devices, even those which aren’t on iOS 5.1 yet, but with a slight twist. If you install this tweak, there will be no button, but rather, the whole lower part of the lockscreen becomes a slider that can be used to bring up the camera.

iOS5.1 Camera Lockscreen Invisible Lockscreen Camera iOS 5.1

iOS5.1 Camera Lockscreen is available in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store, and you can download it for free. After its installation, you will notice an immediate change in the lockscreen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You don’t have to double-tap the Home button now, although you can use the camera slider even if you do that. To bring up the camera, just tap and hold over the area to the right of the slider, and push it up. Without the need of any button, the screen will fade upwards, leaving you with the camera of your iDevice.

This tweak might not be offering a new or unique functionality, but it does bring speed and neatness to the whole process of launching camera from your lockscreen. So, if you are a fan of the new method of launching camera from your iPhone’s lockscreen, but don’t want to clutter the area, iOS5.1 Camera Lockscreen is the perfect tweak for you. Personally, we think this method of getting a taste of Camera grabber on your iPhone makes much more sense as compared to the stock one, but it is just a matter of taste. The best thing about the iOS 5.1 Camera Lockscreen tweak is the fact that it is useful for users of both iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.1. There are tweaks in the Cydia store that are only meant for the older iOS devices, luckily, this is not one of them.


    • When we covered it, that was its name, and Camera Grabber was listed as a separate tweak.

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