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Get iOS 5.0 Lock Screen Camera Button On iOS 5.1 With Redire [Cydia]

A few days back, we discussed the method of getting the iOS 5.1 camera button on your iOS 5.0 device’s lockscreen, using a Cydia tweak named Camera Grabber. The camera shortcut for iOS lockscreen has been completely revamped in the latest iteration of iPhone’s firmware. As always, there are people who are resistant to change (although, to be fair, the newer button is much better than its old counterpart). So, if you are one of those people who liked things the way they were in iOS versions earlier than 5.1, Redire can help a bit. This plain Cydia tweak lets users replace the new Camera Grabber slider with the older camera shortcut, just the way it was in iOS 5.0.

Redire iOS 5.1 Camera Redire iOS 5.1 Cydia Redire iOS 5.0 Camera On iOS 5.1

There are a few things about the new camera button which have the potential to bug some users a little bit. For one thing, the camera button has now become ever-present. Previously, it was up to the user if they wanted the button to appear on the screen or not. iOS 5.1 takes away this choice. On the other hand, the new slider is much less susceptible to accidental launch compared to the lockscreen in previous versions. However, the whole point of jailbreaking is to give users control over their devices, and in that sense, Redire fits the bill. Once you have installed the tweak to your iPhone, it takes effect immediately, without any need to configure. You will notice that the slider camera shortcut has disappeared, and when you double tap the home button, the old camera button will show up.

Redire adds no new Springboard icons or menus in the stock Settings app, and is available as a free download in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. The camera grabber short cut can prove to be a bit problematic if you are used to just tapping the button once in order to launch the camera app. With the new slider the chances for accidentally launching the camera have increased too, as the slider is always present on the lock screen of your iPhone. As the jailbreak for iOS 5.1 is now available, most fans of the Cydia store have updated to the latest iteration of iOS. Although all the new features in iOS 5.1 are pretty good, now you can make it perfect by using the Redire tweak available in the Cydia store. If you are missing the iOS 5.0 camera button, give Redire a try.

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