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Grab iPhone/iPad ECID Right From Your Desktop

For iPhone, iPod Touch and now iPad jailbreakers and unlockers, their device ECID is of vital importance, especially since Apple introduced the SHSH checks. Well, iH8sn0w, the infamous developer of iREB and sn0wbreeze, has done it again. A latest tweet suggests that he has developed an application that can grab your iDevice’s ECID right from your desktop, no hassles!

iH8sn0w Tweet

The picture linked in the tweet shows the ECID in a dialog box.


Our inquiry confirmed that it was indeed a new application in development that would tell ECID of your iDevice. Furthermore, not only will this work for iPad as well (confirmed), the screenshot suggests it would be for Windows platform.

iH8sn0w Tweet 2

There is not ETA for release as of yet. Stay tuned with us as we bring you more updates on this front.

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