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Get More Out Of the People Hub By Integrating LinkedIn

LinkedIn is THE social networking site when it comes to building up professional relations and contacts. With over a 100 million registered users, this professional networking giant is the essential part of many people’s lives. With functionalities tailor-made to give you maximum opportunities for having a successful career, LinkedIn is nothing to be taken lightly. It could be a matter of minutes for a new job to crop up and a new linking opportunity becoming available. So the best option is to somehow be able to get LinkedIn updates on the go, and in real time, just as they unfold. In Windows Phone 7 the People hub provides just that functionality, but with one problem, LinkedIn is not included in the services this hub has been integrated with. Although it will be quite useful if LinkedIn was there too, right?

The integration is simple enough and any WP7 user can perform it. Simply follow the given instructions.

WP7 Social Networking


  1. Your Windows Live account must be set up correctly on your phone and recently synced. This will probably be the case for almost everyone, so no need to worry much about this.
  2. From your PC sign in to your Windows Live ID.
  3. While in your Live account, stay on the home page and look for the option saying Messenger Social. Go to it and choose the option named “Add”.
  4. This action will open a new list, find LinkedIn and click on it.
  5. Provide your LinkedIn ID and password in the newly opened window.
  6. After that you will be asked about your syncing preferences. Make sure that you sync in such a way that your People hub does not get cluttered by unnecessary updates.
  7. Save the changes you have made and exit.

These simple 7 steps will integrate your LinkedIn account in the People Hub on your phone and you will start getting updates from your Linked contacts right on your fingertips.

Update: Of course Mango brought native LinkedIn integration to Windows Phone, and now you don’t have to go through all the steps highlighted above. To integrate your LinkedIn ID with your phone simply go to the device’s Settings menu and head to the LinkedIn section of the email + accounts section. You will just have to provide your account credentials and then authorize the Windows Live account to access your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn contacts will appear in the People hub, and any update from them becomes visible in the Me section.

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