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Get News, Specs & Dealership Details About Cars With MetroCars [WP7]

If you are interested in cars, and like to stay up to date with all the latest new and happenings in the automobile world, then, until now, MSN Autos was your best option if you own a Windows Phone 7 device. However, it is always nice to see a few new options become available for users, and now there is an app for Mango phone which has the potential to give MSN Autos a run for its money. MetroCars will tell you just about everything about any car, it is also possible to see the vehicle’s specs, pricing details and availability options. The app also offers options to find dealers of a particular make, and you can even call those dealers for further information, as the contact details are also provided in MetroCars.

MetroCars WP7 MetroCars News MetroCars Dealers

Upon first launch of MetroCars you are greeted by the main page of the app, which lists the options to browse by make, find a dealership and choose the location settings which are most suitable for you. As you keep using the app, the recent and favorites areas will start populating. By swiping to the right of the screen it is possible to view the latest news items from the automobile world. The articles are in a metro layout, and are updated on regular basis. MetroCars becomes most useful if you want to get a new car, but are not sure where you can find it. The app has a pretty comprehensive dealership list, and it is possible to browse through the shop details by merely providing your ZIP code, or telling the app all about the models and makes you are searching for. MetroCars has options to let you call the dealership right from within the app, and if you find a shop interesting enough, you can pin it to the Start screen of your WP7. The app will provide you with directions to the showroom as well.

MetroCars Makes MetroCars Specs MetroCars Photos

If you just want to browse through the app and learn more about the latest cars, the “browse by make” option is just the thing you need. Here all the makes are alphabetically listed, and you can choose any of them followed by the exact model you want. Once you have done that, MetroCars will take you to the car’s dedicated page, where all the specs and pricing details can be found. You can share this information over email or on your social network.

MetroCars News Description MetroCars News Browser

For really hardcore car fanatics there is the news section of the app, which displays the latest happenings and developments related to vehicles, and it is possible to read detailed articles as well as their summaries. For free (ad-supported), MetroCars is a must-have app for people who are even remotely interested in cars, and here is the web Marketplace link to the app.

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