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Get Step-By-Step Video Recipes On iPhone & iPad With Appetites

Cooking is never easy unless you are really in love with it, and even if you are, there is always room for learning new things and improving on what you have already accomplished (much like the quest for Pokémon). This is why it is always a good thing to have a resource that can prove to be helpful in cooking. There are many cookbooks available for that purpose, but what’s the use of having an expensive iPhone or iPad if you still have to rely on old-fashioned cookbooks? Enter Appetites, an iOS app which has a bunch of really comprehensive recipes, and not only does the app provides its users with text instructions, the recipes have got videos associated with them as well, so that the whole process can be followed with complete ease.

Appetites Home Appetites Chefs

The recipes in Appetites are divided into different packs, with each one containing recipes pertaining to a particular season or genre. It is possible to browse through these recipes in a random fashion, or you can go to the Chefs tab and browse through the works of various cooks working for the app. The Starter Pack in the app is free, while others have to downloaded via in-app purchases, mostly worth $1.99. In the Chefs menu, you can swipe through the photos of cooked food, and share any of them on your Facebook or Twitter account. It is also possible to visit the chef’s website for more details. In this menu, you can tap on the Ingredients tab and see the contents required to prepare the delicacy. A similar menu exists for Details, listing the instructions to cook the dish.

Appetites Recipe Appetites Ingredients Appetites Recipe Videos

For each recipe you want to view (whether free or paid), a download has to be made. Once you have downloaded the recipe, you can play the video which comes with it, or just rely on the textual instructions. The uniqueness of the app shows in the fact that you can go to any point in the video by tapping the corresponding instruction. Similarly, it is possible to view the ingredients at any time. You can view the video in full screen by holding your iDevice in landscape mode.

Appetites recently went free for a limited time, and of you are even remotely interested in cooking good food, do give it a try, as just the Starter pack should be enough to justify the download.

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