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Get The iPhone Lockscreen (And Others) On Android With MagicLocker

If find the stock Android lock screen somewhat bland or are bored of your custom lock screen, worry not, since there are plenty of quality alternatives present in the market that can satiate your appetite for an visually appealing and functional lock screen. If you don’t fancy taking the tedious route of installing and trying various different options one by one, and are looking for one comprehensive lock screen package, then you might want to take MagicLocker for a spin. As of this writing, the lock screen replacement application comes packed with two different skins – a convincing clone of the iPhone lock screen and a grungy 3-point lock screen named Robot Lost. The quality that the themes present is impressive and, if the developers hold true to their promise, you should soon have a greater variety of lock screens to choose from. The app is available for free in the Android Market.


MagicLocker’s iPhone Lock screen looks and feels exactly like the real thing. Plug your device in for charging and the lock screen background is replaced by a battery graphic. The only two things that give it away is the status bar (which, of course, remains unchanged) and the unread message count that appears below the clock.

The Lost Robot skin has a completely different appearance and layout. The lock screen features a 3-way unlock with shortcuts to the default Messaging and Dialer applications and a rustic background with what looks like an animated Android version of Mad-Eye Moody right behind the unlock button. Drag the unlock button down to unlock to your home screen, right for Messaging and left to unlock to the Dialer.


To replace your lockscreen with one of MagicLocker’s, launch MagicLauncher Setting, check Enable MagicLocker, select one of the two available lockscreens and tap Apply.

Note: As of this writing, MagicLocker (its Robot Lost theme in particular) seems to have a bug that causes it to become unresponsive at times. If that happens, simply hit the Home or Back button and you should be able to drag the unlock button. If the lockscreen controls continue to remain unresponsive, try pressing the power button twice more. Alternatively, you may disable the lockscreen from within Menu > Settings. Let’s hope the developers fix said problem in future updates. Also promised in the future releases is a continusous addition of several quality lock screens that you can try to enliven your Android.

Download MagicLocker For Android


  1. Do you actually test the apps that you recommend to users? This is the buggiest POS shit, and I had to reboot my phone so I could finally get into my phone to uninstall it.

    • ^Agreed, I love AT, and this app was an instant install as soon as i read the article, but my phone was seriously locked out for a while, (then i realized you can hit the menu key to disable) but still, beware of bugginess

    • About that – Oddly enough, when I tested the app for the first time, I came across no bugs. But yeah, it does get frozen at times. You don’t have to reboot / uninstall / or disable it though. Simply hit anyone of your hardware keys (Menu, Back, Home) and you should be able to drag the unlock button. Press the power button twice more after pressing a hardware key if the lockscreen continues to remain unresponsive. I’ll be adding a note about the bug as I always do. Thanks anon, NM.

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