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GetGlue For Android Updated With Fresh UI, Quick Rate & More

GetGlue is an entertainment-oriented cross-platform social media networking app that allows users to share with their friends the movies/ TV shows/ sports they’re watching, the music they’re listening to, the books they’re reading, the games they’re playing or even if they’re thinking about a celebrity or a topic. Ever since it hit the Android Market and iTunes App Store, GetGlue has been able to amass a huge fanbase on said platforms and has shown promising signs of becoming a pioneer in its own respect. Recently, the app has been updated with some fresh changes, the most prominent of them all being its new (and spectacular) UI, quick rating and ‘search from anywhere’ feature.

Social media apps have been gleefully embraced by fans all across the globe. Users of all age groups and both genders seem to be falling in love with the enthralling features that some of these platforms bring with them. There is hardly an event or activity in one’s life that does not get ‘posted’ (shared) on one of these platforms. The new look of GetGlue is quite appealing and it hides a wide array of features under eight different buttons on the home screen, each dedicated to a specific field of entertainment. GetGlue now lets you check in to literally anything you like (now including sports), search for other users that might have the same taste as you and start sharing your thoughts with them.

The app adds a Quick Rate feature that lets you like, dislike and/or save an item of interest. Also, you can add decide to add a particular item to your favorites list. Even if your search wasn’t able to fetch desirable result, you can opt for Not For Me. Rating each item earns you points which ultimately help you build your GetGlue profile and unlock new Stickers.

Tap the Menu button to quickly jump to various sections of the app such as your check-in page, stream page, suggestions page, ratings page, stickers page and your profile page. Another useful addition is the integration of search bar that can be availed from anywhere within the app to search for various items on GetGlue. All these features, when enjoyed through a totally revamped UI, spell for a handy social networking app that can really keep you ‘glued’ to your devices for hours. GetGlue for Android can be downloaded from the Android Market for free via the link provided below.

Download GetGlue for Android

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