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GIFDroid: Create HQ GIF Animations From Videos On The Go [Android]

With the previously reviewed photo-editing app, Gifinator, we saw an extremely simple and fun method of generating quality GIF animations from captured images via your Android’s camera. Although, at the time of release, said app was amongst the very first apps of its kind in the Android Market, it lacked support for extracting GIF images from videos. This is where GIFDroid steps in. Fresh to the Market, GIFDroid lets you easily and instantly extract high quality GIF animations at your desired image preferences from existing or freshly recorded videos. All you need to follow is a couple of simplest of the steps, and bam! Your fantastic stop-motion animations are ready. Apart from storing these GIF images on your device, the app also lets you share them with your friends on the go.

GIFDroid might not be the only app of its kind in the Market, but it certainly is among the most convenient to use, and presents you with extensive options to modify GIF image settings as per your requirement. What’s best about this app in particular is that, unlike other similar alternative apps, it places absolutely no restriction whatsoever on the number of GIF animations that you can create, or various screen resolutions and frame rates which you can chosen from.


The app’s homescreen lets you View created GIFs, select an existing video, or record a fresh one from which you wish to extract your GIF images.

Once you find the required video, you can specify the exact time interval from which you want to extract frames for the GIF sequence. In this regard, you can set the desired start and end points on a slider, and preview that particular portion of the video for confirmation. Next, you need to tap Edit GIF Preferences in order to select the exact settings for the GIF sequence.


The screen that follows, lets you adjust the required frames per second (FPS), time Delay, Width and Height for your GIF image. Once all the required settings are in place, just hit the back button, and tap Next.


From the next screen, you can pick the required frames that you wish to include in your GIF sequence. Select as many frames as you want by simply tapping on them, and once done, hit the Create GIF button at the bottom. In the final step, the app lets you preview the generated GIF sequence. Also, from the same screen you can Share, Rename or delete current GIF image, or simply opt to Create Another one.

Download GIFDroid for Android


  1. Hey this is the creator, thanks for featuring my app on your site!

    I plan on having some UI updates out soon so it doesn’t look so bad!

    – QuackWare

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