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Gifture For iPhone: Create GIF Animations, Apply Filters & Share, Instagram Style

The popular photo sharing service, Instagram, has had such a huge impact on the development environment for iOS, that there are many apps which copy Instagram’s functionality, while another large contingent of apps borrow the basic idea behind it, but switch a key component with something else. Gifture is an iPhone app that falls in the second category, and is designed to be the Instagram for animations. Animations have always been popular among users, but they weren’t really widespread, as it wasn’t easy in the past to create them. This, however, changed with the multitude of apps that allow easy GIF creation, making it possible for even the novice users to showcase their creativity in this domain. Gifture does that, but that’s just a part of its working. Once you have created animations using the app, you can edit them in Gifture’s own editor, which incorporates a number of beautiful filters, and bunldes the option to choose the frame rate at which the animation is played. Then, you can share the animation over the apps own network, or publish it to other social media.

Gifture Home Gifture Activity Gifture Post

To get the maximum out of Gifture, it is better if you sign up for a new account as soon as you start using it. You can link Twitter or Facebook with the app, or sign up using your email ID. Once you have done that, and set up your profile as well, Gifture will take you to its Popular section, which features some of the best animations uploaded by the app’s users. You can view, like and share any of these GIFs, and leave your comments as well. Like Instagram, you can follow users in Gifture, so you can stay up to date with their activities and shares.

Gifture Camera Gifture Filters Gifture Frame Rate

Once you have mastered the navigation and usage of Gifture, you are ready to make animations of your own. To do that, hit the camera button in the middle of the bottom bar. You can tap the a (automatic) button, and the app will snap 10 photos for you and stitch them into one animation. Alternatively, it is possible to manually snap as many photos as you like, and then use them in your GIF. Next comes the apps editing mode, in which you can apply filters to the animation or change the frames per second rate to make the animation appear slow or fast. If you want to edit or reorder photos individually, that can also be done, and a button for that is provided on the preview screen.

When you are satisfied with your handiwork, hit the checkmark button, and you can publish the GIF from the next screen. Gifture is a pretty neat app, and the price is just right, i.e., free. You can grab the app by heading to the download link below.

Download Gifture


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