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Glassboard: The Extremely Private Cross-Platform Group Messaging & Sharing App

Even the staunchest Facebook supporters admit that its privacy settings can prove to be unreliable at times. Google was among many others who noticed that and launched Google + to enhance the security users get for their data on the social network. But what if you want to take the privacy issue to the next level while having a group discussion? There’s an app for that. It’s called Glassboard. Glassboard is an invite-only group messaging and media/ location sharing app which works for users on virtually any platform (via e-mails) or on cell phones. Currently, the app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. Apart from the app’s amazingly detailed privacy settings, Glassboard also distinguishes itself from other messenger apps due to its cross-platform compatibility. If you want to know more about the recently launched WP7 version of the app, read on after the break.

GlassboardsMessage Board

Admittedly, there are a ton of group messaging apps available out there, but Glassboard is unique. You can talk about any topic with your trusted friends in a group, and if you were the creator of the thread and decide to delete the thread later, all chat records and shared media will be wiped clean. Pretty neat if you ask us.

After you have created and activated your Glassboard account, you can update your profile (just add a picture) and you are good to go. Unfortunately, a new user can create only 3 discussion boards to begin with, but more become available as soon as more users join your network.

MessagesBoard member

You can add messages and media (photos, voice recordings, etc.) to your thread but no one will be able to access them unless you invite them (via E-Mail) yourself. A board’s contents are only visible to its members. Location can also be added to each post made in a group, and that too without having to go through too many complicated steps thanks to a dedicated add location button. You can add comments to a board or leave it at a mere “Like”.

The interface of the app is a bit too simplistic, but that could prove to be a positive in many people’s eyes. That about explains everything there is to know about Glassboards which, by the way, is a free app and available at the download links given below.

Download Glassboards for WP7

Download Glassboards for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Download Glassboards for Android

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