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Gmail App For Android Updated, Allows Syncing Just Your Priority Inbox

With the number of Android users increasing at a rate of knots, the overall subscribers to Google’s mail service are inevitably likely to rise. This beckons for the official Android client of Gmail to deliver the required goods in the best possible manner. While the mobile app has been catering to the mailing needs of Android users in a remarkable manner, it somehow lacks some of the basic, yet much sought after, features. To the utmost delight of Google enthusiasts, the recent update of the Gmail app for Android (to v2.3.5)  has been launched with a host of much sought-after features such as the option to sync just priority mail to save bandwidth and battery, option to remember ‘Show Pictures’ for specific senders, customizable sync options, add label-specific ringtones and plenty of other performance enhancement features that were previously available with only the website interface of the web service. Plus, the app also supports better TalkBalk feature for greater accessibility. Users also have the option to turn off sticky message actions in landscape or portrait orientation.

The option to sync and display just the mails from your priority inbox is a welcome addition for those users who had to filter their most important mails from a prolonged list of notifications. Not only would this option help users preserve battery but it would also save ample bandwidth for users with limited mobile data plan. That said, it also implies that you should be in a better position to discriminate the important contacts with the rather less important ones, or else, you might well be on course to miss some of the vital emails.

Also, the ever-so-annoying routine of tapping the Show Pictures button for image attachments coming in with mails from your known senders has been put to rest with an integrated option that allows the app to remember which senders’ attachments to display by default. Then there are some handy notification features provided with the recent update such as the option to set separate ringtone notification for specific labels. On the accessibility front, there is an enhanced TalkBalk support for screen reader.

All the aforementioned features can be configured from within the app by locating the pertaining options in Menu> More> Settings menu. So what are you waiting for? Just visit the Market link to the latest update of Gmail app for Android and update your client now to avail all mentioned features.

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