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GO Contacts EX Adds Transition Effects & More To The Original [Android]

The stock contacts/ People app that comes bundled with Android is, quite admittedly, pretty impressive, but when it comes to extensive customization and ease of access of your contacts, as well as contacts management, things are not quite the same. To address this issue, there have been several attempts at providing the users with a better and option-packed alternative. It seems as if the famous GO Dev Team – developers of many useful apps for Android – are on a mission to take over the Market. When GO Contacts was initially launched in the Android Market some time ago, users greeted it as a worthy replacement for their stock phone dialer and contacts. To the utmost delight of dedicated GO Contacts users, here is a better and graphically enhanced version of the app launched with the name GO Contacts EX. Based on the same lines as its predecessor, GO Contacts EX adds eye-soothing transition animations and a few new features that are surely going to enhance the way you are used used to interacting, managing and handling your contacts on Andorid.

The app is essentially a slightly enhanced version of GO Contacts. To begin with, the famous animations that we are so used to enjoying in GO SMS and GO Launcher EX have been added to GO Contacts EX as well. Scroll through the list of diverse transition effects (Menu>Settings>Display Settings>Transition effect) and select the one that attracts you the most. Swipe across the screen and you should be able to see your selected effect in action as the app switches from one tab to another. A rather handy aspect of GO Contacts EX is the way in which it lets you handle your contacts, and place them under respective groups via drag and drop gestures.

GO Contacts EX05

As evident from the screenshot above, once you’re on your contacts list, all you need to do is select the contacts that you wish to assign to a specific group. To help you achieve this goal effectively, the app presents you with the list, with the batch-select mode enabled. After you’ve selected all the contacts, all you need to do is hold down anywhere in the middle of the screen, and drag all the way to the desired contact group in the left.Also, with GO Contacts EX, users can merge contacts according to their email address in addition to their names and phone numbers .

Download GO Contacts EX for Android

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