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GO Contacts For Android: Ideal Alternative To Stock Dialer & Contacts

The acclaimed GO Dev Team, after receiving satisfied nods from Android users all around for GO Launcher, GO SMS and GO Weather, has added another peach of an application to the Android Market. Go Contacts is a free contacts manager and dialer app that is, as claimed by the developers themselves, good enough to replace the stock Contacts and Dialer applications, perhaps even better in some respects.

The interface is user-friendly and easy on the eyes. At first glance, you might not notice much of a difference in functionality between GO Contacts and your stock Contacts/Dialer application. The Call Log and Phone tabs in the stock dialer have been grouped into one tab and labeled Dialpad, an additional shortcut to which is provided in the app drawer upon installation of GO Contacts.


In addition, the application provides the option to group contacts into default or custom (user-defined) groups from within the Group tab. To do so, simply tap the Edit button on the top right of the screen and begin picking contacts to add to or remove from a group selected from the list on the extreme left.


You can then send SMS and emails to a whole group of contacts with only a few taps (Menu>SMS All or Menu>Email All).


Another notable feature that the application offers is the ability to merge duplicate contacts by name or number. An addition that we would like to see added to said feature is the option to group all duplicates with a single tap. As of this writing, duplicate contacts have to be merged one by one. To access the merge contact option, press menu while on the Contacts tab and tap Merge Contact.


The freeware also provides easier, faster access to essential features such as adding a new contact, searching for existing contacts, adding and calling/sending messages to favorites. Also, in the list of  options displayed on holding down on a contact you will find additional handy options such as sending contact info via SMS (Send contacts by SMS).


You can grab GO Contacts from the Android Market for free via the link provided below.

Download GO Contacts

Update: A slightly more feature-packed version of the app is now available for free on the Android Market. Like all other ‘EX’ versions of GO apps, Go Contacts EX too is free. For further details, read our GO Contacts EX review.


  1. I have been using Go Contacts for a few months, and love it except for 2 issues. First, my call history occasionally disappears, and will reappear if I start to manually enter a phone number. I have not found any answer online as to why this happens.

    The second issue deals with contacts synced with gmail. The default people folder on the phone is set to sync with my contacts only, so it doesn’t show those rarely contacted folks in the all contact folder. Go Contacts has no similar setting, and thus does list even these seldom used contacts.

    Other than these two issues, I like the capabilities of Go Contacts much better than the stock dialer and contact app.

  2. Wayne,

    It’s a bit of a shame that you have such a closed mind about Android apps. That’s one thing I love about android…you can have it your way. You like the way certain aspects of an iPhone look? Well, you can have it if you want. You want no resemblance to iOS at all? Totally do-able.

    I think that GO contacts takes a few design cues from the iOS dialer, but I think they look plenty different. I actually like the GO dialer better, having come from an iPhone to a Dinc myself. And it is one of the best dialers I have found for Android, both in looks and usability. I don’t think they have just ‘ported’ an iOS interface. (Plus they have skins if you want to change the look.)

    Even an Apple hater (if they are reasonable) will admit that the iPhone does certain things well. I love my android device and I wouldn’t go back to my iPhone, but to say ‘everything iPhone sucks’ is just narrow. (Although plenty of people will say that….in either Apple or Android camps.)

    Think about where the automotive industry would be right now if they didn’t take cues from each other. We might still all be driving Model Ts!

  3. I will not support it only because it looks like an iOS app. Android has its own look and feel, I HATE it when developers think they should port the iOS interface to an Android device.

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