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GO HD For iPhone: Anonymously Share Photos & Videos With Location Tags

There are about 7 billion people all over the world, and the tech world is littered with thousands of social networks (led by Facebook), so chances are that at any given instant, something is going on in the world that’s worth showing to people and someone is busy sharing it over social media. There are protest rallies, sports events, concerts, parties, meetings; the list is endless. But to share all such events on the go, even if you have an iPhone or iPad, is a real headache. Ironically, this is because of social networks which are made to connect people are unable to let users share something with anyone and everyone who might be interested due to the growing emphasis on privacy. That’s where GO HD comes in. This iOS app lets you share content publicly without the need to reveal your identity or even creating an account.

Go-HD For iPhone Go-HD-Homepage Go-HD-Anonymous-Map

All you need to do before you can start using GO is to allow it to use your current location. This is because while you can stay anonymous in posting something, it is necessary that whatever you post is correctly displayed against the location you posted it from. When you launch the app, the first thing you see is its map. The world map displays posts made by users from all around the globe pinned to the locations they shared the content from. You can view all the posts on the map, or you can choose a particular tag and see the posts related to it mapped out categorically.

Go-HD-Categories Go-HD-Video-Upload

If, while posting something, you don’t find a suitable tag, you can create a new one and file your submission under it.

GO doesn’t only allow anonymous content sharing, you can also create a profile on it and share photos and videos with your name. With a profile, the option to become anonymous at any time will also remain accessible. As the images and videos shared on GO are public, you can publish anything to Facebook or Twitter right from within the app. To promote a photo and make it appear in the Popular section of GO, you can press the lightening bolt button present at the top of the image.

Go-HD-Post Go-HD-Recent-Posts

You can use GO as an alternate camera and configure it to open in camera mode, in case you think you will need to post something on the go and quickly.

GO is free on the App Store. You can get it at the link given below (searching might prove to be a bit difficult due to its short name).

Download GO HD

[via iDownloadBlog]

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