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GO Launcher EX For Android Gets Task Manager & Contacts Widgets

The Go dev team has been extremely active the past few months, releasing one quality freeware after another in Android Market and, as it seems, they don’t plan to go on a break any time soon. The team has now begun to add to their impressive app roster, free widgets for their highly acclaimed home replacement app, GO Launcher EX (which has been updated to accommodate said widgets).

“The first two GOWidgets”, namely Task Manager & Contacts, have been released to the Market and judging from the first line of the updated launcher’s changelog, we will probably be seeing more in the coming days. These widgets can be downloaded directly from the Market or from within GO Launcher EX, provided it is updated to the latest version.


To download a GOWidget or to add one to your homescreen, hold down on an empty space on the screen and select GOWidget from the context menu that appears. The Task Manager GOWidget comes in 1×1 and 1×4 sizes and unlike most task manager/killer widgets, is easy on the eyes. The 1×4 size displays icons for apps running in the background alongside a memory meter, allows you to refresh said meter and kill all running apps with one tap each.

Please note that we do not believe in Task Managers because Android, by default, handles the tasks quite well. Using 3rd party task managers can actually drain your battery pretty quickly.


The 1×1 Task Manager widget displays an animated analog memory meter sporting a single button that closes all running apps. The Contacts GOWidget too, comes in two sizes – 2×4 and 4×4.


The widget allows you to choose whether you want it to display all your contacts, just your favorites or those that are part of a custom group. Unfortunately, as of this writing, it does not support contacts added via Facebook sync.


You can download these widgets from within GO Launcher EX or directly from the Android Market via the provided links.

Download Task Manager GOWidget

Download Contacts GOWidget

Update: As was expected from the GO Launcher dev team, they have continued to release widget after widget for their homescreen replacement. As of this writing, apart from the aforementioned Task Manager and Contacts widgets, we now have the following GOWidgets available in the Market:

SMS GOWidget

Calendar GOWidget

Facebook GOWidget

Twitter GOWidget

Clock GOWidget

Switch Widget

That’s not all. All of these widgets are now skinnable. The Clock GOWidget, in particular, comes packed with quite a few alternative skins.


  1. when i installed go sms pro the app came and i got all the themes that i would use but that doesnt matter because everytime i try to use it it just blinks on and off and not just for a message for changing the theme too…………..how can i prevent this from happening??

  2. I really like the launcher especially the looping screens
    option & all the custumizationoptions, what I don’t like is the missing
    stock richnote widget, I’m not sure if it’s a bug or an attempt to remove

  3. Go Contacts has a serious bug for SOME users. If you wish to dial a string of codes, like your voicemail followed by your password, say, 8642 followed by 3626 – you would enter it as 8642,,3626#, where the commas are pauses which wait for the voicemail system to answer and prompt. This works fine on virtually all (including stock) contact apps. Go, however, ignore ALL non-numerics and simply dials the complete string resulting in a wrong number. Anyone who regularly dials audio-systems (Verizon tech, calling cards, financial institutions, etc.) and wishes to program a contact number to speed through the process will be VERY frustrated with Go. I’ve contacted the Go team a number of times over the last 12 months with nary a single reply. So keep in mind with ANY Go app that WYSIWYG – they spew out apps at a high rate, but seem to have zero interest in improving them or fixing bugs.

  4. Ok, I have the 1X4 task manager on my home screen. Let’s just say that I hit the X and close all my open tasks. 10 minutes later I’ll have new tasks/apps running that I haven’t even opened, but shows that it’s running. With the task killer you find on the market, you can change the settings to kill these apps every time your screen goes off. So, my question is, how do I find the settings for this or do I have to check it all the time to kill all the tasks?

  5. Thanks for ur creative work Go Dev Team.

    Indeed i do used contacts widget. 3 days before.

    Then i lost it when i tried to reinstall from Market.

    Unfortunatly i no longer can get it.

    On Market it does not recognize or able to be installed for My HTC Desire HD

  6. Love Go Launcher 🙂 Much faster tha LauncherPro imho, but the Widget Overlapping is still missing…

    These new widgets are awesome tho 😀

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