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GO Launcher EX Gets Widget Skins & A Twitter Home Screen Widget

After the GO Launcher EX Dev Team released a Facebook widget for their popular home screen replacement app, we knew it was only a matter of time before they released one for Twitter. Twitter GOWidget for GO Launcher EX is now available in the Android Market for free, like every other GO product. With the addition of the Twitter widget, GO Launcher EX now has a total of 8 skinnable widgets. These include CalendarMessagesTask ManagerContacts, Search, Facebook, GO Store and the freshly released Twitter GOWidget. But that’s not all. The famed dev team has made another addition – one that we’ve been prattling about for quite some time now – skinnable widgets. That’s right. The first GOWidget skin has hit the Market. The new GOWidget Theme – Transparency replicates the Sense look, much like LauncherPro’s default widget skin does.


The Twitter GOWidget works exactly like its Facebook counterpart. It is 4×4 large and allows you to view your Twitter timeline, mentions and private messages, tweet and upload photos, reply, retweet and favorite others’ tweets right from the home screen, without having to launch a Twitter client. However, if and when you do find the need to do so, you may launch the social network’s mobile website. Tapping on or around the middle of the title / top bar causes the displayed timeline to quickly scroll to top. The widget can be set to update / refresh your Twitter timeline after regular intervals as short as 10 minutes. To do so, hold down on the widget’s title bar and from within the context menu that appears, select Configure > Update interval.


Needless to say, the widget has a clear edge over the home screen widget of the social network’s official Android client. And that’s without considering the fact that it’s skinnable. To apply an installed skin to any GOWidget, simply hold down on the widget’s title bar and select Skin from its context menu. The following screenshots show the Calendar, Task Manager, Search, GO Store, Twitter and Facebook GOWidgets with the Transparency skin applied.


At the pace the GO Dev Team is going, we’re expecting several additional themes and widgets to be released in the coming future. You can grab both the widget and the skin from the Android Market for free via the links or QR codes provided at the end.

Transparency Skin
Transparency Skin
Twitter GOWidget
Twitter GOWidget

Download Twitter GOWidget

Download GOWidget Theme – Transparency

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