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GO Weather Update Brings 3 More Awesome Widget Skins

The GO dev team has updated their prized Android weather app to version 1.9.1, finally adding the three widget skins that you have been drooling over for so long. GO Weather for Android now has a total of five awesome skins for its widget, namely the Default Style, Simple Style and the new MIUI, M9 and HTC Style skins. Each skin is significantly different than the other, in both look and layout, unlike the downloadable skins that come with Beautiful widgets and its free version, which are essentially variations in font and color. Join us after the break for more.


The screenshots above show the MIUI Style (left), M9 Style (center) and HTC Style (right) widget skins.

You can download widget skins from within the app (Menu > Settings > Select Widget Skin) or directly from the Android Market via the links given below.

Download GO Weather

Download MIUI Style Skin

Download M9 Style Skin

Download HTC Style Skin


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