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God Mode For Android Substantially Improves I O Performance And Yields Great Quadrant Results

Synergy Kingdom custom ROMs for select Android devices are becoming quickly popular among masses due to their rock stability and speed. The main reason for this lies in consistent and never-stopping development support by the developers of these ROMs. The recent Synergy Kingdom ROM for the HTC EVO 4G comes with “The God Mode”. The technical aspects of this phenomenon are pretty complicated, but in a net shell it is setting up a yaffs2+ext2 partition. The combination on yaffs for leveling on top on ext2 for sheer performance converts your Android device into an unbeatable beast. Due to God Mode, the Quadrant is bent on showing an overall increase of 7000 to 10000 points and a ten times I O increment. And the best part is, that all this done without overclocking the processor.


The technical details of God Mode are :

During upgrade we attempt to keep your existing data. I dd the /data part to an img file on the sdcard, format /data then copy the img file back and convert to ext2. This process will take some time on flash. also remember to have atleast 450MB free on your sdcard for tempspace going to the ext2 img.

After the rom is installed the old yaffs2 partitions are changed to mount on /cache0, /data0, /system0. The ext2 img files on those partitions are mounted on /system, /data, /cache. If you have issues booting, please also include with logcats the following details:

adb shell df
adb shell busybox mount

By default in /system/etc/dc.conf we have /data/dalvik-cache/ bind mounted to /cache/ because it is this partition is big and mostly unused space. This will give you the best performance being cache is ext2, but you will be limited to about 70 user installed apps before dalvik fills up. If you have a SD card properly formatted you can play with moving the dalvik around, but your scores and performance may vary.

Heres some examples of /system/etc/dc.conf:

Dalvik on /data/ (HTC Default)

setprop dc.a2sd.dalvikcachesd.active false;
setprop dc.a2sd.dalvikcachepart.active false;

Dalvik on /cache/ (Synergy Kingdom default)

setprop dc.a2sd.dalvikcachesd.active false;
setprop dc.a2sd.dalvikcachepart.active true;

Dalvik on /sdcard/ext partition ("regular" Apps2SD default)

setprop dc.a2sd.dalvikcachesd.active true;
setprop dc.a2sd.dalvikcachepart.active false;


The bottom line is that God Mode will actually boost up the speed on your device and rock the quadrant tables without having any adverse effect on the system whatsoever. While browsing through different forums and Android portals, it is now clear that many ROM developers and Android hackers are hard at work to integrate this God Mode in their respective ROMs, kernels and mods. This seems to be a big breakthrough in Android and if you want to get a taste of what it really feels and looks like, then head to the Synergy Kingdom official ROM thread for EVO 4G and also consult the complete God Mode Wiki.

VIA XDA Portal

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