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GoodMovie: Movie Reviews, Trailers, Artist Wallpapers & Info For WP7

If you are a cinema freak with a Windows Phone 7 device, then there are a few apps that are sure to be installed on your phone to keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings in the film industry (Flixster, IMDB, for example). GoodMovie is the latest addition to the list of these apps, and has everything related to movies and film artists that you might wish to have on your mobile phone, all in one place. The app has movie-related news, reviews and profiles of all the popular actors and actresses. In addition to all that, GoodMovie can even serve as a nice source for latest movie trailers and wallpapers.

GoodMovie for WP7 Main ScreenGoodMovie for WP7

The app has 6 categories from which you can browse through its contents, or there is the search button that you can use to look for a particular title. The categories present in the app are based on ratings, release time and other similar criteria. The interface of the app is quite metro, and it even supports a live tile (of sorts) that updates itself based on the last movie review you read.

GoodMovie for WP7 RecentGoodMovie for WP7 ReviewGoodMovie for WP7 Artist Search

One might question, there are a lot of apps that already give reviews of movies and even release news about them. Rotten Tomatoes’ databases, for instance, are enough to provide any app with thorough information about the goodness of any movie. So what does GoodMovie bring to the table? Using this app, you can view additional information about artists and movies from Wikipedia, and also download images using the artist-specific search available in GoodMovie. The Wikipedia integration offered by the app isn’t very through, and that feature is in need of a good update. GoodMovie has a trailer for each movie you view, as well. Most of the trailers are taken from YouTube. After you have learned all about a particular movie using the app, you can share it with your friends, too.

Another cool feature offered by GoodMovie is screenshots support. You can get a screenshot of your current screen within the app by double tapping the screen anywhere. Of course this screenshot capability only works within the app, as WP7 doesn’t have any native screenshot support. The app is free, and at times it comes up surprisingly useful and thorough results in response to your searches. So, if you want to enjoy all these features, you might want to give the app a try.

Download GoodMovie for Windows Phone

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