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Google+ App For Android [Review]

Ever since the advent of social media (back in the age when Friendster and MySpace ruled) the social networking industry has enjoyed rapid growth. Most of the people reading this post must know that a Tweet doesn’t have much to do with the chirping of a bird and the word “Wall” is sure to make you think of Facebook. That’s the kind of influence social networking holds over our daily lives these days. Seeing the success of social networking, how can the giants of Internet refrain from entering the fray? Yes, you guessed it, Google is launching a new project called “Google+” that’s all about social interaction.

Google  +Let us delve into the features of this Android app one by one. The full app is actually a combination of collaborating utilities working together to give a complete interactive environment.

Stream: “Stream” is the place where you can share your thoughts, news and other things with the people you choose to interact with. You simply post anything here and it is shared with your contacts.

Huddle: “Huddle” lets you send messages to multiple users simultaneously. This is a pretty old facility but one that’s long been marred by bugs, flaws and inconveniences. Google+ is hopeful to give the perfect group messaging experience.

Circles: Privacy is the biggest downside when it comes to social networking. When online, it’s a little complicated to share the right information with the right people. “Circles” comes up with just the right solution to this problem. You can have distinct online social life among your family and colleagues or any other group. What you share with your friends doesn’t necessarily needs to be told to your family too!

Other features: There are a bundle of other really cool features that leave Google+ looking like a good prospect for the future. “Spark” helps you strike up a conversation on any topic of your choice. “Photos” saves and shares your photos and albums. There are also location-based services available for Android users that let you navigate, choose a place you want to visit and tag the locations which are new to you.

That’s pretty much it. The project is in closed beta phase and the app for your Android device is available on the Android market. Fingers tingling to get your hands on this latest hot-cake of an app? But wait, here’s the catch, the testing version is invite only and you need an invitation from Google to download it. Here’s the link where you can request an invite. So just write to Google and you just might get an exclusive invitation to use what could be the social networking giant of tomorrow.

For any further information on the app, you can follow the link to the official Google blog.

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  1. Let’s see if this can be anywhere close to being as successful as Facebook is. Would definitely want to try. Nice share

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