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Google Currents Now Available Worldwide, Allows Translation & Syncs Faster [Android, iOS]

Google Currents, a Flipboard-like customizable RSS and news feed reader, hit the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store last year where it managed to amass quite a userbase. The app, at the time of its release, was available in the US only, and faced some serious criticism for its rather slow content syncing. Well things have changed, and quite drastically too, with the latest update that the app has received. Google Currents (v1.1) now comes support for all countries, and as many as 44 different global languages, can translate complete feeds in 38 languages upon request, and supports displaying local trending stories for various countries. The biggest improvement, however, comes in the form of the faster content syncing; news sources now sync at a blazing speed that is claimed to be seven times the original sync speed.

Since its release, Google Currents’ news source repository has been continuously expanded with new content added from plenty of popular publishers, however, as far as updates for the app itself are concerned, things have been rather quite up until now.


On the face of it, there isn’t much to distinguish between the previous and updated version of Google Currents; it’s the back-end that has undergone a good deal of change. For instance, if you’ve been using the app for a while, you’ll notice a considerable increase in data sync and page loading speeds . Then there is the introduction of the “Dynamic Sync Feature” that makes sure that all the articles are downloaded automatically upon launching the app (no need to manually press the sync button). As soon as you open the app, the thumbnails of your added news sources are immediately updated along with the underlying content.


You can now also set the app to download images for only the top ten editions (in order of feeds) for full content access even while offline. Another noticeable change is the option to toggle viewing the app in full-screen – handy in situations where you can ill-afford to have the  notification bar at the top hidden because while the app runs in the foreground. In the middle of the bar at the bottom of the interface, you’ll notice a new globe icon that can be tapped to translate the selected edition into another language of choice.

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