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Google Docs Updated With Web Clipboard, 45 Languages & More [Android]

It’s been quite a while since the official Google Docs app for Android received a noteworthy update. The wait, however, seems to be over for Google Docs users as the app has been updated at last. The update brings with it some very handy features that include support for multiple (45) languages, ability to open Google Docs via compatible app(s) and an option to send your Google Docs to other apps or as a mail attachment. All the aforementioned features apart, the most prominent addition to the updated app would be the Web Clipboard feature. Using this feature, you can upload images from your gallery directly to Google Docs’ Web Clipboard.

Web Clipboard is actually a cloud-based clipboard that is used by Google Docs to store your uploaded images so that you can easily retrieve them from any computer that has an internet connection with a purpose of quickly inserting them into your Google Docs. Images can be uploaded to Web Clipboard in two ways.

Method 1:

In case you wish to capture and upload an image to Google Docs, just press the camera button on the Google Docs widget and grab a fresh image. Once the Upload photo to Docs screen appears, edit the image file, select an account, select Send to Web Clipboard, hit OK and wait for the upload to finish.

Method 2:

Second method is even simpler and allows you to upload images to Google Docs by selecting a preferred image from your device’s gallery, select Share > Docs and follow the same upload procedure as described for Method 1.

You can now access your uploads from the web interface of Google Docs under the Web Clipboard option (fourth one from the left on the tool bar) that is present on the page of an opened document.

Another useful addition in this app is that you can now send your Google Docs through MMS, email, Bluetooth or any other installed app for that matter. Also, there is an added Open with option that can be availed to open Google Docs through an external (compatible) app; a third-party PDF reader, for instance.

Users looking to make extensive use of Google Docs app on their devices can try out its latest update. In case you don’t have Google Docs app installed on your device or if you wish to upgrade to the latest version, visit the app’s Android Market page via the link provided below.

Download Google Docs for Android

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