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Google Music App For Ice Cream Sandwich Leaks For Download

Just a few days back, screenshots of Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS along with a video of the Nexus Prime running the said OS were leaked onto the internet to give anticipating users a look into what they have coming. Folks over at Android Police seem to have gotten there hands on a few goodies that users might find included in the OS once it is officially released along with the Nexus Prime. A new Google Music 4.0.1 app is one of those goodies which has been vastly improved especially keeping the previous version in mind. More on the music app after the break!

The new music app does build upon the Google Music 3.0 app, however there are quite a few subtle changes to the interface in the new 4.0.1 app giving you a bit more functions and a cleaner user interface.

The Music 4.0.1 app retains the awesome swiping feature to allow you to move through the menus. Once a song is played, in the now playing section you will now see a larger display for the album art along with the basic music playback controls. Tap the album art to bring up additional info about the song along with a few more added functions. The ability to change the interface makes the app look much cleaner and purposeful now, not to mention it will greatly blend in with the Ice Cream Sandwich interface as well.

Now PlayingNow Playing 2

Also available is the option to rate the tracks by using the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons to help your organize your favorite music together and the not so favorite together by way of default.

Keep a song, artist, or album pressed (or hit the triangle) to bring up a menu listing the relevant options available to you. Along with that there’s a search button included as well to help you look for particular music on your phone.


It is is good to see the Ice Cream Sandwich gearing up with some apps that really compliment the OS itself. There are a few users complaining about the app’s inability to fetch music files stored on their personal cloud. As far as confirming the lack of said feature is concerned, we cannot vouch for such comments, for said service is currently unavailable in our region. Not to mention, the app, even in its impressive attire, is lacking quite a few important features that other third-party variants are offering.

Download Google Music 4.0.1

[Via Android Police]

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