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Google+ For iPhone Updated With Typing Notifications, +1 For Photos & More

Contrary to what Facebook fans might believe, Google+ isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to stay and that’s why the folks over at Google are taking its updates pretty seriously. Just a few days ago the Google+ app for Android got revamped via a pretty big update (which we covered in detail) and now its iOS counterpart has been updated too. The changes are not as major as the Android update, but still, include some very welcome and long-awaited features. Head past the break for details.

Google  iOS Photos  1Google  iOS Typing Notifications

I was really annoyed when Google+ didn’t let me sign up for an account using my work email, which happens to be a Google Apps account. But finally Google+ has added support for Google Apps accounts, and this change is also reflected in the iOS update. That is, you can now log in to the Google+ app with any Google account (even if it doesn’t end with “@gmail.com”).

If you are a fan of Facebook and prone to hitting the “Like” button on every other photo you come across, then you must surely have missed this feature in the Google+ iOS client, but not anymore. With the new update, you can +1 photos in addition to adding comments to them.

Now we come to our favorite new feature of the update. In the Google+ messenger, while chatting with your friends, the app will display if they are available or not. This will be manifested in the form of a green border around the display picture of the friend who is available to chat. Also, when that friend is typing a message, the app will display a notification reading “Name is typing…” right above the message field. The Messenger section of the app has grown to become quite a competitor of Facebook’s Messenger app and some other third-party social network messengers.

However, we came across a slight hiccup in said section during our test-run of the app. While using the updated app on our iPhone 4 and iPad 2, we noticed that the typing notification and presence indication only work when both parties are using an iDevice. While chatting with a colleague who was using Google+ on his Android phone, the iOS variant of the app did not show any indicators.

The rest of the app remains pretty much the same, and no major changes have been made to the user interface. In addition to these changes, the official update description lists that the app has also gone through a few performance improvements  and bug fixes, although there weren’t a lot of bugs in the app in the first place.

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