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Google Search Specific: Instantly Find Service-Specific URLs [Android]

We all know Google to be the leader of the pack when it comes to finding an extremely swift and efficient online search engine. Just recently, by incorporating the real-time search suggestions feature into Android’s official search client, Google made a tremendous leap to help users conduct exactly the precise searches on their mobile devices. However, it would still require some effort (and typing) to search for, say ‘Rihanna on YouTube’, or the ‘Wikipedia page of Eiffel Tower’. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that lets you quickly jump to the search page of a required keyword by simply feeding in the word, and tapping the icon of the required service/website? Enter Google Search Specific – a free Android app that makes said task a breeze. By providing you a quick search bar to feed your keywords, a handful of buttons referring to some of the most commonly accessed online services, and an alternative address bar to quickly find your keywords on a desired website, the app helps you reach your preferred webpage in an instant.


Although Nuance’s recently released Dragon Go! offered somewhat similar (or perhaps, even better) features, it still requires one to launch the app in order to start conducting searches.

Google Search Specific, although not as aesthetically appealing and feature-packed as Dragon Go!, is quite handy, to say the least. Not only does it save to quite a few precious seconds that would otherwise go wasted trying to look for something on a specific website/service of interest, the app itself is pretty swift to respond while opening, as well as taking you to exactly the required search page.

In all, the app comprises just a solitary homescreen with all the aforementioned controls. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Megavideo, Yahoo!, Wikipedia and Amazon are among the services currently available on the homescreen in the form of quick access buttons. All you need to do is feed in the required keywords in the search bar at the top, hit one of the buttons, and you’re almost there!


Need to look up to something on a service not listed above? No problems! The address bar at the bottom is there to take care of all your routine searches. Just provide the relevant keyword at the top, and the URL in the search bar at the bottom, hit the Go button, and most probably, the app would be able to fetch a relevant result for your query, as it did for most of ours.

Google Search Specific serves a minimalistic yet extremely effective purpose, and that is to help you with instantly land on the webpages of interest. On the downside, though, the app is currently missing out on a nifty little homescreen widget that would make the search process even more instant and convenient.

Download Google Search Specific for Android


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