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GPS Calculator: Measure Distance, Area & Coordinates Of Any Location [WP7]

Every Windows Phone 7 out there has a GPS embedded in it. Mostly, this extremely useful part of the hardware is just used for navigation and while using maps, but actually, the GPS can be used to do a lot of other cool stuff as well. GPS Calculator is a new app for Mango phones, which unleashes the true potential of GPS, and lets you perform just about anything related to location and maps. Read on to know all about this new app, which comes with a refreshingly useful concept.

GPS Calculator Projection GPS Calculator Map Projection

The first section which comes up when GPS Calculator is launched, is the Project menu. Here, you get to find out the place which lies in any direction from a location, at a certain distance. You can either choose your current location as the projection’s starting point, or there is the option to select a location on the map. As soon as the Project menu gets a starting point, the longitude and latitude of that place start showing up in respective fields. Now you have to tell GPS Calculator the direction and distance you want to move for, and that is done by filling the Distance and Bearing fields. You can choose the unit for distance by tapping the button next to the field (Miles by default). When you are done, hit Calculate. This will give you the coordinates of the location you will end up at if you move in the projected distance in the specified direction. As getting just the coordinates might not be too useful, you can ask GPS Calculator to plot them on map for you by tapping the show on map button.

GPS Calculator Distance GPS Calculator Map Distance

GPS Calculator is very useful if you want to find out the distance between two places on the map. Like the Project menu, Distance can take input in one of the two ways; via locking on to your current location, or through selecting a location on map. You just have to define two points, and the app will tell you how far apart they are from each other. Once again, you can change the unit of distance by tapping the Miles button.

GPS Calculator Area GPS Calculator Convert

Arguably, the most useful feature of GPS Calculator is the calculation of Area. Doing so is easy, and you just have to define 3 or more points on the map, forming a closed shape, and the app will tell you the approximate area of the enclosed space. If you know a location’s coordinates, then the app can come in handy for converting the longitude and latitude values to exact, and more understandable, bearings.

GPS Calculator will allow you to store most of its results for offline viewing if you add them to your favorites, and its calculating features can work offline too. For free, the app is definitely worth a try due to the bundle of really useful features it brings to WP7.

Download GPS Calculator

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