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Grades 2 Is The Perfect iPhone, iPad Target-Oriented App For Students

With smartphones becoming more and more common, it was a matter of time before the iPhone moved out of the business class and reached the teenage hands of students. This has happened, quite a while ago, in fact, and students account for a big share of the iOS market. Having said that, there is a surprisingly small amount of education-related apps in the App Store (unless you count games as educational). Even more than the actual study process, time management for students is a very pivotal part of educational life. Having clearly-defined goals is the first step to attaining greater educational productivity. But doing so isn’t always the easiest of tasks. However, you need not worry, there’s an app for that. Grades 2 is what we are talking about.

Grades 2 PlannerGPA Calculator

Grades 2 performs two tasks in essence. One is to help the student manage his studies, and the other is to provide motivation to the user by setting different goals pertaining to academics.
First of all, you will have to set up your course and syllabus in detail, letting the app know what you are currently studying and in which class. Once you’ve done that you can set up your weekly task and the app will act as a countdown timer for each week’s tasks.

Percentage NeededPercentae Attained

Now we come to the motivation bit. How does the app do that? It sets goals for the students to achieve in terms of GPA and percentage. You just have to tell it how much your target grade is and it will try its best that you stick to your words.
We all know calculating GPA accurately is never an easy task, Grades 2 has a calculator for that.

The app is free (ad-supported), and comes with a pretty neat interface. It could have been even better if there was some way of getting rid of the ads (even if via an in-app purchase), but apart from that there is not much wrong with Grades 2. If you are a student (or want it for your children), follow the download link given below.

Download Grades 2 for iOS

Update: Luckily, with the latest update of Grades 2, users can dismiss the ads without having to go through much trouble. Although there was a “close” button available in the ads bar even before the update, it did not work properly for most users. Now, however, you can easily get rid of the ads for a particular session by just tapping the dismiss button.

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