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GRAMMY Live: Get GRAMMY News, Videos, Photos, Nominees & Trivia [iOS]

GRAMMY is rightly termed as music’s biggest night of the year. It is the time when singers and musicians from all over the world gather to find out whose work touched the heart of their listeners, as well as critics. If you like to follow the activity which precedes the famous award show, then there’s an app for that. With GRAMMY Live, all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can easily stay in touch with the happenings related to this year’s show, scheduled for February 12. Not only that, you can even participate in polls about who will win for certain categories, watch the stream of the show, and the app even offers some fun features, like GRAMMY trivia and a few songs on the GRAMMY Live’s radio.

GRAMMY Live iOS GRAMMY Live News GRAMMY Live Radio

The Featured content in GRAMMY Live includes news, videos and photos related to the award show. The news items are listed according to the time they were posted at, and you can view the details of each piece by tapping it. If you want, you can share an item over Twitter or Facebook as well. The videos and photos presented in the app are pretty high in quality, and you can view them while listening to GRAMMY Radio. The radio can be launched by tapping the radio icon in the top right corner of the app. Each time it starts up, the radio has some random song playing, and you can keep enjoying it no matter where you navigate to in the app.

GRAMMY Live Nominee Guess GRAMMY Live Countdown GRAMMY Live Trivia

GRAMMY Live gets even more interesting when you go to the Winners tab, as there you can view all the nominees for this year, as well as winners and nominations of the past. Using the app, you can even buy any nominated song or album. For those interested in guessing there is the Guess menu, where you can have your say in who should win this year by participating in the poll created by the GRAMMY Live team. The GRAMMY Live menu has a countdown for the upcoming event, as well as the preview videos and news of things to come. Pride yourself on your GRAMMY knowledge? Try the Trivia in the app. You have to answer ten questions in trivia, which have multiple options. The results are shown at the end of the quiz.

GRAMMY Live is a free app, if you are a music fan, grab it right now by going to the App Store link below.

Download GRAMMY Live

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