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Gravity Project: Fast-Paced 3D Run-And-Jump Arcade Game [Android]

How much do you trust your eyes and reflexes? Yes, that’s what this new game is all about. Gravity Project for Android is one of the most splendid games we have played so far. This fast-paced, buttery smooth, 3D arcade game is all about running, jumping and sliding. You are thrown into some spaceship where the gravity level is zero, and you have to run your character to the finish line while dodging different objects and hurdles. The accelerating gameplay is fun, and the environments are also pretty amazing. If you’re looking for a game like this, then join us after the break for further details.

Gravity Project  menu Gravity Project levels

The game spans across different levels with distinctive backgrounds and design. Once you begin the game, the gravity man starts running until he gets to the end of the stage. But its not as simple as that, because you have to evade different walls, lasers, cubes and obstacles. If you get hit by any of these obstacles, you will be taken back to the beginning of the level, as there are no checkpoints. You have to use swiping gestures to perform different actions like jump, slide and running on the walls. The game may be fun, but requires certain amount of concentration, quick reflexes, as well as sharp eyes because you often need to dodge, jump and/or slide about one barrier after the other. You need to clear the stage within a certain time limit, since if you run out of time, the level restarts. Players can also grab time coins on their way to add in extra seconds to get to the finish line.

There are certain quirks with a few gameplay elements, like, it gets repetitive and boring after a few stages, and there is nothing more to do than just running. The gameplay is addictive, but long hours may cause eye strain or headaches in people who are prone to such ailments.

Gravity Project Gamplay3 Gravity Project Gamplay1

The background music is well-fitted with the overall design of the game.The graphics are cool, and provide some regular eye-candy. Despite that, the game seems to run super smooth on most devices.

Gravity Project Gamplay2 Gravity Project dead

Conclusively, Gravity Project is one of the best games of its kind available on Android. If you like fast-paced action games, then feel free to try it now and let us know how you liked it in the comments.

You can grab Gravity Project for free from the Google Play Store via the QR code or download link provided below.

chartDownload Gravity Project

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