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GrayPix Adds Grayscale Option To iPhone Camera Roll [Cydia Tweak]

When it comes to editing and applying effects to photos you have in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, iOS has an insanely large amount of apps which will let you do that, with Pho.to Lab, Fotoyaki & Bleach Bypass being some of our recently covered ones. However, no matter how many apps you can use to edit photos, it isn’t the same as getting more options in the stock Photos app. If you have a jailbroken iDevice, then Cydia does have a few options for enhancing the capabilities of the stock Photos app, and that is exactly what GrayPix does. Admittedly, it just adds the one option to Camera Roll, namely Grayscale, but it can prove to be a useful addition to your iDevice if you don’t like to rely too much on third-party apps.

Before GrayPix GrayPix After GrayPix

Normally, there are 5 options each time you open a photo in your iPhone’s Camera Roll or any other album. These options are brought up by tapping the button present in the bottom left corner of the image, and include Email Photo, Assign to Contact, Use as Wallpaper, Tweet and Print. Once you install GrayPix, a new option is added to that menu, titled Convert to Greyscale. The new button is added at the top of the menu. Whenever you want to make a photo black & white, just open it, bring up the options and tap the first one we just mentioned above. GrayPix will process your instruction, and once that is done, a new copy of the opened image will be created. It is noteworthy that the tweak will not mess with the original image, and a greyscale copy of it will be created, separate from the opened one. The resulting image is pretty satisfactory in quality, and the results are worthy of any standalone photo editing app.

If you want to add a new option to your Camera Roll, grab GrayPix by going to the Big Boss repo in the Cydia store, where you can download the tweak for free. We really hope that the tweak can become even better and the developer decides to add a few more buttons to the stock Photos app. GrayPix is a tweak that deals with an area of iOS that can certainly use a lot of improvements, and you will be able to enjoy a new functionality without having to give up any of the existing ones.

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