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Greplin For iPhone: Search Multiple Social Networks & Online Services At Once

There are times when I wish it were possible to press “Ctrl + F” in real life and search through the mess in my cupboard and find whatever I’m looking for. Well, looks like the makers of Greplin were thinking along the same lines too. No, you aren’t getting real life searching (sadly), but with this iOS app on your iPhone or iPad, you are getting the next best thing. With Greplin, you can search through almost any service on which you have an account, right from your iDevice and via one, single search box!

Greplin iOSGreplin iOS Feeds

Greplin is a free service for the most part (the app is free) and it lets you link most of your accounts to it without any charges. However, for a few of the lesser known services (Yammer and the likes) you will have to subscribe for a monthly fee of $4.99. But this is in no way necessary, and you can enjoy using the app without upgrading to its premium version. First of all, create a new account for Greplin. It requires a new password and your email ID. Once you have done that, you are free to start bringing your virtual life into Greplin.

Greplin iOS FilesGreplin iOS Other Services

The app supports 5 basic type of services which cover pretty much everything a normal person does online. These include email, feeds (social media), files, calendars and some other uncategorized options. The more services you integrate with Greplin, the more useful it will become. Adding a service is simple. Look for it in its respective category (and pray that it’s free), tap on it and enter your password. This will add it to the list of networks Greplin searches whenever you enter a query in it. The services that are free in the app include Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Dropbox, Google Docs, and many more. After you have added all the services, go to the search area in Greplin and the search results will reflect text, documents and files across all your virtual networks.

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[via TheNextWeb]

Update: The Greplin app has now been renamed to Cue, but the basic functionalities remain the same. However, enhancements in a few areas have turned the app into a pretty decent day planner, and now you can combine calendars from your different accounts to get a proper idea of everything you are expected to do on a particular day. So, the searching part of the app has become a secondary feature of Cue now, and users can use it as a replacement app for reminders and calendars.

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