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Grocery List: Quickly Create, Manage & Share Shopping Lists [iOS]

Shopping can be a nightmare, and that’s why so many of the apps in the iOS App Store are focused on lending support to shoppers everywhere. If you are in a hurry to buy some things, or have a lot to buy, it is common for people to forget items in their haste. That’s why you should create shopping lists before you actually go to the grocery store, and there are many iPhone apps using which you can do that. However, Grocery List is an app which goes one step further, and not only can you create a catalog of required of items, the app also makes the process of making the list easier and more efficient, as it has a lot of items stored in its database, and the app will give you auto-suggestions whenever you start typing a grocery item’s name.

Grocery List Home Grocery List iPhone

The app is pretty simple, and you can start using it straight away after launching, although there is an option to sign up for a Grocery List account, which will let you sync your lists with the app’s cloud service. To create a new list, just tap the New List button on the main page of the app, and you will be taken to a blank list page. There are two ways of populating a shopping list in the app. You can choose from the catalog of grocery items present in the app’s repository, or you can start typing a product’s name to get autosuggestions.

Grocery List Items Grocery List Autosuggestions

If you choose the autosuggestions method, you can specify the quantity of the object by placing a colon between the name and number. The app supports color-coding of items, and you can class items into custom lists if you are not satisfied with the default ones. A list can be shared with other users as well via SMS, email or through uploading to Grocery List’s own cloud service.

Everything about the app, starting from its interface and ending at its usage options, is designed to make users feel like they have an intelligent real-life paper list in their hand rather than an app. Grocery List ensures that its users get the most efficient and easiest way of entering new items to their lists, making the task of creating to-do lists a real treat. A lot of times users shy away from using an app just due to all the configuration steps involved. Grocery List makes sure that this is never the case. The app recently went free, and you can get it from the link below.

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