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Gyro Draw: Have Fun Creating Drawings By Tilting Your iPhone

A gyroscope is a sensor that is rather new to iOS devices, with only the newer models of iDevices having it. In older versions of iPhone and iPod touch, there was just the good old accelerometer, which performs the same task of keeping track of your device’s orientation, but in 2D. A gyroscope has the ability to be aware of a device’s current orientation in all three dimensions, which makes it much more sensitive than the accelerometer. Gyro Draw is an app which makes use of the gyroscope and accelerometer in your iDevice, and you can spend hours of fun creating drawings and sketches with it.

GyroDraw iOS GyroDraw Pages

Even if you have an older iPhone or iPod touch, you can use the app, as it has a dedicated menu for accelerometer drawing. Before you begin, there is the option to learn everything about Gyro Draw via the how it works menu. A text description of the app and its method of usage is provided in this tutorial section. When you have got a hang of it, proceed to the main menu and choose whether you want to draw using the accelerometer or gyroscope. It is better to begin with the accelerometer, as it is less complicated and easier to control. No matter which option you choose, Gyro Draw will ask you to choose the paper for your drawing, which will be used as the background of your sketch. There are 7 types of papers available, and a preview of their appearance is visible behind the text name.

GyroDraw Drawing GyroDraw Sketch Options

Before you begin drawing, you can choose the color of the pencil by tapping the color pallete at the top right of the screen. Not only are pencils of different colors available there, but you can also control the speed and thickness of the pencil through the two sliders present in there. To start off, you can adjust the position of the pencil by scrolling the page under the pencil (the pencil will hold its place, and won’t draw anything). To start sketching, tap and hold the lower portion of your device’s screen and tilt it in any direction. In accelerometer mode, learning to draw is simple, as the pencil will move in the direction you move the device. In a gyroscope drawing, moving the iPhone left and right won’t suffice, and you will also need to tilt it outwards and inwards.

Once you have created your masterpiece, tap the menu button at the top left, and hit Save. Your drawings are saved in the Photos app, and you can share them from there any way you want. The app has been around for quite a while in the App Store, but recently went free. Hurry up and grab this fun-filled app before it becomes paid again.

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