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HalfCamera For iPhone: Stitch Two Photos And Apply Effects To Them

HalfCamera is an iOS app which is laid out to mimic a retro camera, with one roll having 12 slots, but that’s just its interface. Actually the app is a pretty useful photo editor for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Not only does it come with a lot of awesome photo effects, but it can also be used to merge two photos together. HalfCamera comes with all the options that make an app a good photo editor. Not only can you tinker with all the aspects of images using the app, it also lets its users apply frames to photos, add text to them and do a whole lot of other useful stuff as well.

HalfCamera HalfCamera Home

The app starts up with the view of an ancient-looking camera, but even on that interface, there are a few customizable options. The first button can be used to shoot photos by adding effects. When you tap it, you can flip through the effects presented in the preview window. You can turn the camera Flash on or off by simply using the front button, while the last option allows users to switch between front and rear cameras.

HalfCamera DP Center HalfCamera Borders

Once the pics have been shot, or selected from the Camera Roll, they will show up in the DP Center, which is a complete list of photos added to a specific roll. To stitch two photos together just place them side by side in the reel frame, and tap Printing button at the top of the screen. This will take you straight to the Borders screen, and you can try out different borders by simply tapping the screen, or flipping through screens.

HalfCamera Options HalfCamera Effects

The sharing options offered by HalfCamera are pretty good as well, with Twitter, Facebook and email sending supported, along with the option to export to native Camera Roll. The app also comes with the option of adding text descriptions and tags to all photos, which can be done by using the Text Editor button in the Borders screen. The collection of photo effects in HalfCamera is pretty nice, with Back & White, Vintage and many other graphical filters available. The effects in the app can be applied to images from your camera roll, or there is the option to select a filter for the preview screen and snap photos with that filter.

The app fetches for $0.99, and can be downloaded from the App Store link given below.

Download HalfCamera for iOS

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