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Handymate: Geometry Calculator, Estimator & Conversion Tool For Android

So far, what we have been able to see with most apps based around Mathematics, engineering or those referring to a solution of some sort of calculation is that they all come in the from of a standalone apps. For instance, you might be able to find plenty of Mathematics-related apps in the Android Market; lots of them might be meant to only help you with designing graphs and scientific models, whereas other available solutions might revolve around assisting you with the routine calculation tasks. In short, there are not too many solutions that comprise a rather expansive set of calculation, analysis and measurement tools to cater to the needs of a large continget of users. Well, seems as if we might have come across a very handy solution in this regard. Developed by BRICK, Handymate is a comprehensive suite of various calculation, conversion, builder and estimation tools for Android that is meant to make the life of students, engineers, architects and mathematicians simpler. Ranging from basic unit conversion features to extensive construction estimation tools, Handymate provides you with plenty of quick calculation options that would otherwise demand a lot of time and effort or multiple apps. The best part about Handymate is its uncluttered, user-friendly interface. Each tool within the app contains several options of its own, and is aptly supplemented by relevant graphics/shapes, equations, formulae templates, units and substantial on-screen help to assist you with calculation/conversion chores.

The app’s homescreen interface houses tiles for all supported tools. Below is a detailed list of all features supported by Handymate.


1. Geometry Calculator:

  • Linear Calculators (right angle triangle, arch, ellipse)
  • Area Calculators (triangle, parallelogram, trapezium, circle, ellipse, sector)
  • Volume Calculators (cylindrical, cuboids)

2. Unit Converter (with reverse-conversion support):

  • Length
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Weight
  • Temperature

3. Plot Calculator:

  • X:Y Scale Converter
  • Paper Converter (with multiple paper type support)


4. Estimator (for interior designing calculations):

  • Wall Estimator
  • Floor Estimator (support to calculate tiles, boards, carpet, paint)
  • Ceiling
  • Roof (support to calculate tiles, sheets, painting)
  • Ramp

5. Builder Tools (for construction purpose):

  • Ramp
  • Concrete
  • Stair
  • Spacing

6. Standard Calculator


As mentioned earlier, for each supported tool, the app presents you with relevant presets of a wide variety of supported formulae and equations. All you need to do is open the required tool, feed in all required values in their respective fields.


Handymate has a free as well as a $2.15 variant in the Android Market. The paid version includes additional estimators for wall, ceiling and ramp, and builder tools for stair and spacing.

Download Handymate Lite for Android (Free)

Download Handymate PRO for Android (Paid)

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